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We have exclusive marketing and representation rights for India from Castrol High Performance Lubricants-Made in USA The Products are Molub-Alloy 777-2 Multi-Purpose grease for Pins, Bush & Bearings, Molub-Alloy 936 SF HY for Open Gear Grease, Tribol 8031/3000 and 6000 Girth Gear Lubricant, Tribol 800 Synthetic Oil, High performance Gear Oil Optigear BM Gear Oil, Tribol 1100/1500 Gear Oil, Optimol Long time PD-2 High speed motor bearing grease, Tribol 3020/1000- 2 Heavy duty grease, Wire Rope Lubricant, High performance Chain Oil, High Temprature Bearing grease, etc. Cosmoslac Aerosol Paints ΓΆ€“ Made In Greece. These products can be used for Decorative, Automotive, Steel Industries, Power Industries, Film Studio, Aviation, Marine, etc. The Products are ,Cosmoslac Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss, Flat Black, Gloss white, flat white, Medium Grey, Light grey, bright silver, bright gold, bright copper, Brass, red corsa, bright red, dark red, cater pillar yellow, school bus yellow, Fluorescent Marker Paint in Red, Orange,Green ,Zinc Yellow, Automotive Primers Grey Primer, Red Primers, White Primer , Bumper Black and Grey, Chrome Effect , Gold, High heat up to 700 degree c. metallic, GRAFFITY and in special use. All are in 400 ml pack size.