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Castrol Chain Lubricants

Castrol Chain Lubricants is a high temperature chain lubricants, which has been specifically formulated with synthetic base stocks having unusually high temperature lubricating capability. Careful selection of additives results in a fluid, which resist high temperature decomposition and prevents the formation of sludge or carbon normally produced by petroleum based products. This results in longer equipment life, less maintenance, better efficiency, while costly downtime is significantly reduced.



Castrol Viscotex KL 23 is designed and formulated for chain operating tmperature applications between 350oF/175oC (the point at which synthetics becomes cost effective compared to mineral oil based lubricants) and 391oF/235oC.


Viscotex KL 23 lubricants is designed for the lubrication of roller chains, slides, cams and general lubrication where a high temperature synthetic lubricants is needed. Major applications include industries using high temperature conveyor systems used for baking, coating, drying and curing. Product application may be achieved by drip, spray, splash and automotive dispensing equipment.


Product Benefits

  • This product has excellent lubricating properties due to very good anti wear and frictional behaviour.
  • This product shows very good oxidation stability at high temperatures.
  • This product has excellent thermal stability.
  • This product has excellent carbon deposit resistance keeping the surface clean.
  • This product will reduce oil consumption and give energy savings, as friction coefficient is very less.
  • This product minimizes chain cleaning needs and costly shutdowns.


Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil (Grade 22) is formulated to be used for conveyors and likewise equipment. The Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil is completely safe for environment, as it doesn’t contain chlorinated solvents, lead, antimony and barium. We can provide Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil in bulk quantity to buyers all


We offer Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil (Grade 22 Aerosol) that is free from Ozone Depleting Chemicals. The environmentally safe Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil is an ideal lubricant for applications that require light viscosity petroleum-type grease. The Castrol Molub Alloy Chain Oil is inhibited against corrosion and rust.